Racism is simply human nature

January 19, 2007

Racism: (ray-siz-um) • noun
Negativity towards any non-white person

Reality TV has become very surreal with the latest Big Brother scandal. The typical fighting amongst contestants in the house has been blown into an international incident after alleged racism towards Bollywood actor Shilpa Shetty. Nearly 40,000 complaints have been received by Ofcom from viewers, effigies of Endomol producers have been burnt in the street of India and Shetty herself has accused her fellow housemates of racism.

What is wrong with these people? Since when was dislike the same as racism? Shetty is an irritating stuck-up actress and her fellow contestants have seen this. Maybe it can be classed as bullying but this is Big Brother and that’s what happens. What it most certainly isn’t is racism.

This started on Day 7 in the house – now that surely pokes a major hole in the racist theory. A racist contestant would immediately feel animosty towards Shetty. This, a whole week later, is nothing more than the group becoming fed up with her and understandably so.

So what exactly has been said to cause all this? Nothing. The apparent bullying of Shetty is the major driving force behind the fiasco and that is ridiculous. I’ve experienced it myself and no doubt you have too. A foreigner comes to your country, his habbits, attitudes and personality are frustratingly annoying and you dislike him for it. Could it, could it possibly be you don’t like him because he’s a complete idiot? Never! You dislike him because he’s an immigrant and you’re a bigot.


Back focusing on Shetty, a popular soundbite is “She can’t even speak English properly” by Danielle often broadcast. Taken like that it’s still not approaching racism but you can at least understand where these people are coming from. Let’s do something radical here and actually take that line in context – after Shetty has been dishing out blows to Jade Goody screaming words to the effect of “You need elocution lessons”.

In summary, f*ck off back to Bollywood Shilpa Shetty as you clearly can’t cut it over here in the developed world. Unfortuantely we have bigger issues to worry about than what spices to put in tonight’s curry so you’ll have to excuse us for not falling at your feet. Speaking of which, you’re also about as interesting as the veruca on my left foot and we’re all hoping when you get out you get dragged into the streets and burnt at the stake like those Endomol producers (albeit effigies of).

Hell, if we’re going to get called racist for disliking her, we may as well be! At least that’s how most “racists” feel. Have a look around for some real racism as we seem to have all forgotten. Racism is stoning people to death purely because of their race. Racism is sailing over to Africa, buying people and enslaving them in horrific conditions on the assumption that those people are lesser beings than us because of their skin color. This… this is just politcal correctness gone crazy and hopefully you can see that.